Do you know if your district’s technology infrastructure is functioning at its full capacity? Has your district ever evaluated the capability of these structures with new technology? The #SouthCentralRIC has partnered with @MasterLibrary to offer a bundle of professional services that objectively survey your district's technology infrastructure and identify ways to increase systems performance, improve intra- and inter- systems functionality, and create more efficiency in capital planning. #edtech #schoolsupport #customerfocused #collaboration For more info or to register: visit our events page.
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🌟 Friendly Reminder🌟 It's time to start planning your district’s #dataintegrations for the 24-25 school year! 📚 Whether it's integrating student information systems, assessment data, or instructional tools, the @SouthCentralRIC Data Integration Team is here to #support you. 💪 From providing technical expertise to facilitating #collaboration among districts, our goal is to pave the way for #successineducation. 🚀 #FutureReady #schoolsupport #customerfocused #caringcommunity #character Learn more about our services:
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📢 Calling all District Leaders, School Leaders, and Tech Educators & Leaders! You won’t want to miss out on this year’s Leadership and Innovation Showcase #LIS2024. Mark your calendars for Monday, November 4th 🗓️ Join us as we delve into the latest #technology #trends, #innovations, and #strategies shaping #education. Get ready to #connect, #collaborate, and #inspire change together! 🌐 #SouthCentralRIC #edtech #leadership #continuouslearning #collaboartion For more details, visit:
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KickUp is a helpful tool that the #SouthCentralRIC and districts use to help track professional development opportunities and attendance each year. You can browse all our offerings at #continuouslearning #customerfocused #schoolsupport #K12 #caringcommunity
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🎉 A huge shoutout to all the incredible individuals from @Broome-Tioga BOCES and the #SouthCentralRIC who worked to transform the Automotive Technology Shop into the perfect setting for Jason Garnar’s State of the Country Address last Wednesday. 🛠️ Your hard work and dedication truly are truly appreciated. 💪 Together, we're making a difference! #CommunityPride #TeamWork #Collaboration #CaringCommunity #edtech #customerfocused
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We love supporting our districts by providing regular trainings. Check out our upcoming SchoolTool learning opportunities. For more info or to register, visit: #SouthCentralRIC #schoolsupport #K12 #customerfocused #continuouslearning
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At the #SouthCentralRIC, we have an ongoing process of #onboarding that continuously evolves with time to integrate new employees into our #companyculture. This process provides essential information, support, and ensures that our employees feel #valued and #supported at every step. We are #committed to #investing in the #employeeexperience from the start, and we believe that by doing so, we can help them #thrive and achieve #longtermsuccess. #continuouslearning #caringcommunity
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#Teamwork in action! 💪 #SouthCentralRIC MITS coordinators highlighted how the work of our Center Support and Data Security & Privacy teams directly benefits students at Sherburne-Earlville Central School District, Sidney, and Norwich City School District. 🌟 #Collaboration #SchoolSupport #EdTech #ContinuousLearning #CustomerFocused
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The SouthCentralRIC continues to advocate for increased broadband access in our region and has partnered with Southern Tier 8 ( to bring attention to this need. Over the coming years, New York State’s ConnectAll ( initiative will invest over $1 billion in digital infrastructure, and we want as much as possible to come to our region. Be on the lookout for an advocacy video featuring some of our school districts soon.
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The #SouthCentralRIC recently welcomed IT Intern Sarah Boyce to the team! Sarah is completing her studies in cyber security at @AlfredState. She will be working with our #technicalsecurity and #cybersecurity governance teams to #learn how the SCRIC works to protect its #schooldistricts. We are excited to have her on our team and be part of her educational journey. #collaboration #edtech #schoolsupport #caringcommunity
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Planning is underway for this year’s Leadership and Innovation Showcase and we want to hear from you: What exemplar uses of technology are happening in your district that we can showcase at the #LIS2024? Don't forget to Save the Date: Monday, November 4. District leaders, school leaders and tech educators & leaders are invited to join us! #SouthCentralRIC #edtech #innovation #continuouslearning #collaboration For more details, visit:
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#DataPrivacyWeek Tip #4: Delete Apps You Don’t Use Every 3 months or so, go through your devices and think about each app you have downloaded — we call this an “app audit.” You might think that the real estate on your phone is pretty limitless, but an #appaudit isn’t just about decluttering. Many apps will collect and share your device-use data even when you don’t use them; you’re basically giving away your data, and you don’t even like the app! Why should that food delivery app you used once a year ago get access to all your precious data? If you haven’t used the app in months, delete it from your device. Don’t be afraid to be ruthless, you can always download the app again! #SouthCentralRIC #secureyourdata #schoolsupport #caringcommunity For more information and resources, go to:
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🔧 Yesterday was an exciting day SUNY Broome Community College as #SouthCentralRIC technicians joined the annual #SPARKevent, working with students from Owego-Apalachin CSD, Binghamton City School District, Union-Endicott CSD, Johnson City CSD, Windsor CSD and Chenango Forks CSD! 🌟 Targeting 8th graders in the Greater Binghamton Area, the event showcases lots of amazing career opportunities right in our backyard. 👩‍💻👨‍🔬 Let's inspire the next generation! #STEMeducation #edtech #learning #K12education #careeropportunities
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While you can't control everything, there are ways you can manage your #dataprivacy. This #DataPrivacyWeek, why not take a few small steps toward #securingyourdata? #SouthCentralRIC #schoolsupport #caringcommunity
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Data Privacy Week Tip 2: Cultivate an Online Privacy Habit Apps, websites, devices, and software will often seek out more data than you would think is necessary — why does a Solitaire app need to know your location? Why does a social media app need to know the phone numbers of everyone you know? Here is where you can really take charge of your data. Fortunately, many web browsers, computers, and devices will ask you if you want to share certain types of data with a new app or website. Strike up a habit of paying attention to these requests and actually thinking about your answers. Here are common types of #data you might be asked for: Your location, Contact, Camera, Photos, and Data about your behavior and use of a service. At this point, #think about what you want to share. On mobile devices, you can often decide if you want an app to only have access to this data while using it. If an app or software program refuses to function unless you share certain data that you don’t think it needs (like the Solitaire app demanding your location), find another app. Generally, you might feel more #secure erring on always limiting how much data you share when asked. For more information and resources, go to: #SouthCentralRIC #keepdatasecure #edtech #schoolsupport #caringcommunity
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Data Privacy Week Tip 1: Know What You Can’t Share The truth is, you can’t control who has access to every scrap and byte of your data. The IRS, for example, will find out how much money you make. And many online services require some of your data to function – a maps app cannot suggest directions if it doesn’t know where you are located (at least while you are using it). An image-sharing site needs access to your photos. Understand that there is a tradeoff between convenience and privacy. To use all the features of your devices, apps, and software, you will often have to share more and more data. By understanding this balance, you can make better #informed #datadecisions. #dataprivacyweek #awareness #keepingdatasecure #SouthCentralRIC #edtech #schoolsupport #caringcommunity For more information and resources, go to:
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January 21 - 27 is #DataPrivacyWeek! Join us in raising #awareness about the importance of respecting #privacy and #keepingdatasecure! #Dataprivacy might seem abstract, but it couldn’t be more personal. You generate lots of data every time you access the internet, and sometimes, when you don’t – your home address, health records, and Social Security are all pieces of data. While you can’t control the fact that your data is collected, you can take charge of how and with whom you share data with in many cases. Your data is worth a lot of money to many different people, businesses, and organizations, but we often don’t value our own data story as much as they do. We can all be more aware of who we share our data with and what we expect in return. Fortunately, there are a few simple, repeatable behaviors you can adopt. There’s an old Silicon Valley adage that if you’re not paying for it, you aren’t the customer, you’re the product. In many cases, this proves true. To be more accurate, your data is the product. Who’s buying? Advertisers, mostly, but also others like software developers. You and your data make up a slice of this multibillion bonanza. Throughout the week, we will share some #tips on how to take charge of your data privacy in 2024! #SouthCentralRIC #edtech #schoolsupport #caringcommunity For more information and resources, go to:
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We love supporting our districts by providing regular application trainings. Check out our upcoming SchoolTool learning opportunities for January and February. For more information or to register, visit: #SouthCentralRIC #schoolsupport #K12 #edtech #customerfocused #continuouslearning #caringcommunity
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In December, the 24-25 #SouthCentralRIC budget was presented to the @Broome-TiogaBOCES Board of Education. We’re excited to share that in the upcoming year there will be significant enhancements to our Data Security and Privacy service, sunsetting support for Powerschool and eSchoolPlus, additional cloud hosting options, as well as increased automation and efficiencies in many of our services. #customerfocused #schoolsupport #edtech #innovation #collaboration
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Each year, the #SouthCentralRIC is required to submit a regional technology plan to NYS Education Dept. in #collaboration with each of our 3 local BOCES. This plan focuses on our shared goal to deliver a better experience and more value to districts through unified and coordinated service offerings. Click here to see our plan: #customerfocused #caringcommunity #edtech #schoolsupport #innovation
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