Maximizing Medicaid revenue in ClearTrack
Starting 12/19/2018 at 2:00 PM and ending on 12/19/2018 at 3:00 PM
Event Groups:
• SCRIC - ClearTrack200 Events
• SCRIC - Medicaid Data Collection Events

This training is a one-hour webinar to review Medicaid setup in ClearTrack to be sure that all available services are being claimed properly, and Providers' NPIs are properly affiliated with the district. The webinar is intended for office and financial staff involved in the Medicaid billing process.
Many districts have made changes to services since ClearTrack began claiming. If the services are not properly set-up, otherwise-valid claims may not be submitted. If provider NPIs are not properly affiliated with the district, all claims for those providers are denied. These issues can cause revenue loss, and are easy to correct.
We will review the settings and services set-up for Medicaid claiming, the ClearTrack Medicaid Service Bureau (MSB) set-up, the Provider NPI submission export and result file, and the current and upcoming student Eligibility search process. We will also cover how to re-submit claims rejected for a correctable reason.
Additionally, we will review the process to list claims not submitted and the reasons why. Sometimes a quick follow-up with a provider to make a correction will allow the claim to be released. 
Many districts will find that by "checking" a check-box on a service,  correcting a provider license number or NPI, or asking a provider to correct an error, a significant number of claims can be submitted and paid, especially because the current SSHSP billing window is 21 months.  
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